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Dodge Sprinter Crankshaft Position Sensor Replacement

After getting the P0336 code and having a hard start I decided I wanted to replace my crankshaft position sensor. There is an outside change that this will increase my fuel mileage as I have seen a drop recently (but not very likely).


-Crankshaft Position Sensor (Get OE Bosch, it has to fit perfectly to go in)


-E8 External Torx Socket w/extension. Preferable 1/4" socket

-Flathead screwdriver


First thing to do is locate the sensor, it is on top and in front of the transmission behind the engine, located near the starter.

Once you locate it remove the E8 Torx bolt. Next remove the electrical connector. Some people remove the sensor first to be able to see how to remove the electrical connector, but I prefer not to due to potential damage cause when tugging the sensor out. The connector is just held on by a tab, which I freed up with a small screwdriver.

Here are some pictures of the connector:

Once the connector is off slowly work the sensor out. You really, really don't want to break it. It took some time with twisting it and slowly using my hands. Once it cleared a bit I pried lightly with a screwdriver.

Once out I compared it to the old one:

Not terrible and probably okay, but at such a cheap part and easy to do why not replace it.

To reinsert it I greased up the sensor with brake lube and then just pushed it back into the hole, which was easy enough. I was not able to get the bolt to grab the threads on the first try and this is where the mirror came in. Using a mirror and a bright light I was able to line up the hole on the sensor with the threads in the engine and then seated the bolt. Tighten it down with the E8 and plug in the sensor.

Lastly start the van, mine had no issues, but there have been reports of bad sensors, so don't rule that out.

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