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Dodge Sprinter EGR Cleaning (2004 T1N)

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

In an effort to make sure I have no on-the-road break downs and to keep my aging Sprinter in great mechanical shape I decided to clean the EGR valve and make sure the valve moves freely.

Van Info: 2004 Dodge Sprinter 140 w/ 260,000 miles

Tools Needed:

-E10 External Torx (I would suggest getting the full set, this van uses a few of them)

-Hammer/Pry Tool

-8mm socket or screwdriver

-PB Blaster (or other penetrating lube)

-Brake Cleaner or Carburetor Cleaner

-Wire Brush, Wire Wheel (drill bit), Steel Wool, or similar

Parts Needed:

-EGR Valve Gasket (Genuine Mercedes Gasket)

IF NEEDED: EGR Valve (Genuine Mercedes Valve) (depends on condition of EGR once removed)

First step for me, as always is to coat everything I plan on removing with PB Blaster, it makes the job much easier and the longer in advance you do this the better. Next remove the coolant line with a 8mm socket (or similar) or a screwdriver, every hose clamp may be different if you have had yours removed previously. Remove the hose, keep in mind coolant may come out so make sure the engine is cool and you have something to catch the coolant.

Next remove the electrical connector and set aside.

Loosen all three E10 external torx screws. I have noticed that some may be different than E10 so no reason to worry if someone used a different screw, just do not remove the safety screws (safety style torx with hollow tip screws). Remove the screws.

Then this is the hard part. Using the hammer and PB Blaster, slowly tap the EGR valve out. Some people use a pry bar, as I plan to reuse my EGR valve as long as it appear fine I did not want to risk damaging it or the mating surface. Using a hammer and PB Blaster I was able to slowly work it out.

You can see the slight damage I did to the edge with the hammer

Once out I inspected the valve, which in my case it performed fine and the valve moved freely and returned quickly to closed position when released.

The intake manifold was pretty sooty, but nothing I was too worried about.

I used the brake cleaner, wire brush, and wire brush drill bit to clean the EGR valve. Also used some steel wool to clean the outside.

After cleaning it looked a lot better and still operated correctly, quickly returning to closed when released. I did notice a lot of small pitting holes, but I am not worried about them at this point.

Once cleaned I put some brake lube on the outside to assist it being reinstalled. Placed the new EGR gasket on it and inserted it back into the intake manifold. Reconnected the electrical connector and coolant line and bolted down the E10 external torx.

Started the van up and it ran fine, no noticeable difference and not warning lights. I also sprayed down the engine and EGR area with simple green to clean up my mess of PB Blaster that got everywhere.

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