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Dodge Sprinter Oil and Filter Change

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Engine Maintenance:


-Oil change (Mobile 1 Synthetic)

-Oil filter (Hengst Filter)


-13mm socket and ratchet

-Special oil filter cap wrench

-Oil catch tray

I like to run the van for a bit before hand to get the fluids warm before and oil change. Keep in mind if you do this the oil will be hot. Wear Gloves!

First step is remove the 13mm bolt on the driver side of the oil pan underneath the engine. Let it drain out into the catch tray.

Now without replacing the drain bolt remove the oil filter cap and remove the oil filter.

There is a long plastic piece inside the filter so be careful not to break it.

Remove the filter cartridge and replace all 3 o-rings, these usually come with the filter. Two go on the inside plastic piece and the larger one goes above the threads.

Next replace the filter making sure the new cartridge is seated onto the plastic center piece. Reinsert the oil filter and hand tighten, do not over tighten with the special wrench, it is a plastic cap.

Replace the drain plug and fill with your choice of oil, I personally use Mobile 1 in all of my vehicles and I use 0w-40 for the van. A lot of people like Fuchs oil too. My van usually takes 7-8 quarts of oil so I always buy two gallon bottles of oil when doing an oil change and keep the extra around.

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