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Dodge Sprinter Injector Leak Test

In order to prevent a break down or to catch an injector leak before it becomes a bigger issue I decided to perform a injector leak test.



First thing to do is remove the plastic cover over the injectors. This is done by removing the 5mm hex bolts holding it on. In my case they were stripped and needed an extractor tool. I use this bolt-grip extractor tool and it worked great! Also PB-Blaster!

Once the bolts are moved just remove and set aside the plastic cover. Check for any signs of leakage or black death (sooty/oily build up around injectors). If all good then remove all of the small metal clips holding the diesel return lines on.

Then carefully pull the return lines off the top of the injectors and set aside. Use the vice grips to kink the return line downstream of the last injector.

Next remove the camshaft injector connector, this assures that the vehicle will not start, only crank (connector on top left of picture by rear injector).

Next cut the 3/8" ID tube into 5 even sections, about 4-5" long and place on the return ports of the injectors, making sure it seats well to seal and catch all fluid.

Next crank the engine for 10 seconds or so and check the fluid levels. I had to crank a bit longer to get noticeable fluid in mine. Inspect to make sure there is not more than a 20% difference in fluid in any of the injectors.

The rear injector is a bit low, bit not enough for me to be concerned about yet.

Repeat the process to put the injector return lines back on making sure to re-insert the metal clips and connect the camshaft position sensor.

Not a bad idea to clean the inject cover and injector area.

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