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Dodge Sprinter Campervan Interior Build

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Taking the SketchUp plan I posted about here I was able to start work with the guy who was helping me with the build prior to my Pacific Northwest Trip. Although we didn't get it all the way done, it made the trip much more enjoyable having a sink, fridge, and lofted bed. I ended up installing a roll out drawer style trunk safe under my bench seat, which worked amazing. I really recommend it if you plan to leave the van for a while yet still travel with your computer, passports, cameras, etc...

The fridge is a Truck Fridge TF65 as recommended by many other van builders and I cant speak highly enough about this fridge. Performed great, very quiet and plenty of space. The power consumption is very small also and worked great for the whole trip.

I also was able to get my plumbing done somewhat... I installed a 20 gallon fresh tank installed with the Shurflo water pump that allowed me to at least have running water and an outdoor shower. I used a retractable coil hose for the sink for the time being. Eventually I want to install a single (cold) faucet and a filtered drinking line to it.

I also added an outdoor shower fitting that can accept the same hose. (more info on my plumbing setup here)

The lofted bed uses piano hinges (2 hinges) and wood crossbeams for the time being. I am looking for better ideas on it to make it easier to put up and down as I eventually want to make an indoor shower underneath the bed (also looking for ideas on how to do that).

Bed in down position with the pup on it, she loved that spot for the ride. You can also see my my temporary faucet/hose in this pic:

SIDE NOTE: That long hose will be connected to a thru-wall fitting, I just haven't bought one yet. For the time being I just used that long 1.5" hose to fill the tank.

Here are some more pictures of where I am at in the build (how it was used for my pacific northwest trip).

The rear speakers I installed are Alpine Type S 6x9's to match the 4" ones I installed up front and they sound great. My van was already wired for rear speakers though due to it being a passenger van.

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