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Dodge Sprinter Camper Van Plumbing Build (sink/shower)

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

The game plan was to have a sink, indoor shower, and outdoor shower.


-Shurflo Water Pump / Strainer with 1/2" Barb

-20 Gallon Fresh Water Tank

-10' of 1/2" braided vinyl hose (I used 2-3 of these)

-1-1/2" fill hose

-Y-Adapters for 1/2" Hose

-Tank fittings for 1-1/2" Hose

-Tank fittings for 1/2" Hose

-Shower Hose and Spray Nozzle

-12v Relay used for Water Pump



-PEX tubing

-Water heater and thermostat

-Numerous pipe/hose fittings

-Water Inlet

For my write up on the hot water heater system I made for my van click here.

First thing I did was get a 20 gallon fresh tank and install it with the Shurflo pump that allowed me to have running water and an outdoor shower. I wanted to install a single (cold) faucet. I also added an outdoor shower fitting that can accept a garden style hose. The fittings I got were from Home Depot and used for garden hose. I picked them because they shut the water off when disconnected. However I didn't trust them with that much water so added on/off valves also.

I also went with braided vinyl lines and PEX, either work, but I liked the flexibility of the vinyl better.

Rear Shower hookup located underneath the hitch

Water Inlet: I added a 1.5" fill inlet in the rear section of the van so that I can fill up the fresh water tank from outside without opening up the rear doors.

Cut a hole (80mm) with a 3-1/4" holedozer bit from the inside. I did it from the inside since I wanted to get it as high as possible without cutting into the window frame.

As the bit came through I then proceeded to use the holedozer from the outside.

I used paint (nail polish) to cover any bare metal to prevent rusting then used butyl tape to help seal up the opening by wrapping it around the outside of the hole.

Then connected the 1.5" fill hose on the outside of the vehicle (used silicone and hose clamp) and then inserted the inlet into the hole, making sure it lines up and sealed well.

Then secured the fill inlet to the vehicle with self-taping wood to metal screws.

Connected the vent line to the tank and filled the void by the hose with greatstuff foam insulation.

Will update as the plumbing is completed. Still trying to solve the indoor shower issue and gray water tank.

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