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Dodge Sprinter Transmission Fluid and Filter Change


-Transmission Fluid (MB Spec 236.14) (Mobil ATF 134 also works)

-Filter and Gasket Kit

-Transmission Dipstick

Many places sell kits that include all parts such as this Fuchs Kit


-T30 Torx Bit

-Socket and Extensions

-Oil catch tray

-27mm socket

-Funnel with extension

As with the oil change I like to have this fluid somewhat warm before changing, which means driving it around for a bit.

Once its warms remove the drain plug from the transmission pan with a T30 torx bit. Let the fluid drain out into a catch tray. I would suggest removing the fill plug to assist in draining.

Next remove the drain pan by removing the six T30 torx screws on each side of the pan. Set them aside in a manor in which you will remember where they go as the metal holder part the screws go into are different. Once the oil pan is out remove the transmission filter which is just pressed into the bottom of the trans.

I lay the bolts out around the pan to remember where they go back in

Remove and clean the magnet that is in the oil pan. I used paper towels and brake cleaner. There will be a lot of metal shavings on it. As long as they are tiny liquid like shavings I would not be too concerned.

Clean out the oil pan of any old transmission fluid and metal shavings while continuing to let the fluid drain from the transmission.

Filter has been removed in this picture

Next remove the two rectangular plastic tabs on the bottom of the torque converter. Depending on what model year you have there is a small drain screw somewhere on the torque converter that needs to be removed. Mine happened to be in the rear rectangle and was removed with a T30 Torx bit. I have heard some are 4-5mm allen keys to remove.

If you do not see the bolt you have to rotate the engine. To do this use the 27mm socket on the harmonic balancer bolt and rotate clockwise. I was able to do this from the bottom of the engine with a 1/2" socket wrench and able to see into the torque converter while moving the wrench. Once you find it remove it and let it drain.

Screw appears to be an allen key, but on closer inspection it is a torx bit.

Once you are satisfied it had drained reinstall the drain screw. Next press in the new transmission fluid filter and using the new gasket that comes with the filter reinstall the pan. Install the drain screw on the pan if you have not already.

Using the funnel with extension refill the transmission through the dipstick style tube in the engine bay. It goes in very slow so make sure not to overfill. It will take 8-9 quarts to fill. Keep in mind that the engine needs to be ran and transmission put into drive to cycle the fluid to all parts of the transmission including the torque converter.

When close let it run for a little, shifting it into gear. Use the dipstick to check the level. In order to check the fluid the engine should be on and transmission set to park. If you are satisfied with the fluid level, double check for any leaks. I would recommend rechecking the level in a few days after driving for a bit also.

There is also a lot of good information on this process and continual discussion about fluid and methods of changing the fluid on the sprinter forum here.

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