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Dodge Sprinter Harmonic Balancer Fix

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Now that the van is back at home it was time to fix the harmonic balancer. I ordered most of the parts from Europarts-SD and at the recommendation of people on here I did not go cheap with the harmonic balancer, I went with the $200 OEM German one. A note and that too, my van has 250000 miles on it and this will be its third harmonic balancer. The origional would have been a dual AC one and the one I am replacing is not the double belt one so it would have been replaced previously, I am guessing with a cheap one.

The big concern with getting it replaced was going to be the torque wrench, I didnt have one that could do the required specs needed (240 ft-lbs and then 90 degree turn of the bolt). I tried going to a local diesel mechanic shop and asked if they could just torque it down for me, but they wanted $700+ because they "had to remove the radiator". So I decided to do it in the alley behind my house and not remove the radiator:

Once you remove the headlights, grill, and other parts (listed in this post on, you can push the radiator forward enough to get to the pulley/harmonic balancer. While I was in there I replaced everything, seemed like the time to prevent another brake down. This tool was essential to loosening and tightening the harmonic balancer as it locks the flywheel, would really recommend getting it.


-Water Pump

-Idler Pulleys


-Harmonic Balancer

-Belt Tensioner

-New Bolt for HB

Tools Needed:

-Flywheel Locking Tool

-Torque Wrench capable of 240 ft lbs (Cheap One Here, but I actually used the free loaner rental from AutoZone, oddly enough theirs could do 240 ft lbs and it's free as long as you return it right away)


-Large Allen Key Sockets

-Large Breaker Bar

I was able to do this in the alley behind my house without removing the radiator. It is a real tight fit in there and you have to remove the fan, but its doable. I have not had any issues with it since.

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