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Sprinter Headlight Assembly Replacement (glossy headlights)

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

While I was working on the front end I had to fix the headlights. Mine were really old and hazed over. I had tried to fix them with those magic headlight restoration kits, but it didn't really work for me. I have heard success stories from other people, but just wasn't working out on me for these headlights.

Old headlight assemblies removed from the van

So I gave in and replaced the whole assembly. Mine were the included fog lamp models, but due to all the other fog and auxiliary lights I have installed I just bought the non-fog lamp model. There are a few placed to get them too, I went with RockAuto, but you could get them through Amazon also. (RockAuto Headlight / Amazon Headlight)

For whatever reason, both rockauto and amazon have the Hella headlight assembly listed and show pictures of two different headlight assemblies for left and right. I cross referenced the numbers and they are the same assembly (the pictures are wrong...). So I ordered them and they were both the same. Good to go, just some glitch.

Here are the new and old headlights installed (still working on the windshield in this picture):

The new headlight make the van look so much newer and nicer. Not to mention how much brighter they are. Now the leveling feature works again as well.

In case you were wondering the Auxiliary lights I installed are halogen Hella 500s. They are the driving style bean and only really used for dark back trails, but very useful when they are. I personally am a fan of good halogens over the LEDs that are becoming so popular. The LEDs are very bright, but the cheap ones seem to be very unfocused. I am sure there are really good LEDs out there that use the correct lenses to be focused, but in my price range the halogen driving lights are better for what I want.

The lower LED fog lamps (similar to these) were installed by the previous owner and I have not found a suitable replacement for them... they do not provide much light. Open to suggestions there.

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