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How to add Air Conditioning to RV Sprinter Camper Van

I have debated for years weather I really needed air conditioning with the van parked and kept telling myself that a roof vent fan, other fans, and a window vent screen was enough and I didn't want to fork over the $1000+ to do air conditioning. I finally caved in, but came up with a way to do it for under $200 and very easily.

Step 1 - Purchased a used portable AC unit. I purchased an older used version of this unit on Facebook marketplace for about $100. This one has heat, air conditioning, fan, and dehumidifier mode. I would suggest getting at least one with heat and preferably with two hoses (mine only had one, Ill get into that later).

Step 2 - I bungee corded it to the back of the front passenger seat. For a while I would move it to the middle of the seats when parked and then run the exhaust hose out the window of the van, but that took a lot of setup time so I changed that. I cut a large hole in my floor for the exhaust hose and condensation drain hose to go through and added a bug screen to it and aimed it to the rear of the van underneath. I also spray painted the PVC vent black so it didn't stand out.

Step 3 - Hook up the 120vAC line which is provided from an outlet in my van that is made hot only when the van is plugged in to shore power or a generator (the only things plugged into my 120vAC outlet are a battery charger for the house battery and this AC unit). For my generator I have a Craftsman 2200i inverter/generator and it will power this unit.

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