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MPG Increase Projects - 04 Dodge Sprinter

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

This is going to be an ongoing post as I attempt to increase my MPG on my 2004 Dodge Sprinter (140 wheelbase, passenger, high roof). I have noticed that over the years I have owned it the MPGs have decreased and although that is to be expected with the added weight I would like to address what I can to increase it. So I have compiled a working list of what I have done and what I plan to do to it to help increase MPG.

*Numbers/Chart updated November 2019 (missing fill ups from June-November)


-Oil/Filter changes up to date (every 10000 miles - Mobile 1 Synthetic and Mahle Filter)

-Transmission Fluid and Filter Change

-Air Filter replacement regularly (Air Filter w/Pre-Filter)

-Fuel Filter/Water Separator Replacement (Mann Filter)

-Monitoring via ScanGaugeII

-EGR Valve Cleaning (Mar 2019)

-Crankshaft Position Sensor Change (Mar 2019)

-Rear Differential Fluid Change (Mar 2019)


-GDE Tune (Green Diesel Engineering Tune)

-Wheel Bearing Replacement

-Exhaust Repairs/Upgrades (less restrictive muffler/cat, etc...)

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