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Dodge Sprinter Radio to Aux Battery Rewiring

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

I rewired the radio to run off the rear AUX battery, only connection to engine batt is to the remote line so it still turns on with the vehicle. I also wired up two 12v/USB outlets from the AUX battery for both the front driver and passenger.

USB Outlets from Rear Battery


For a quick fix to the blown speakers I replaced the stock speakers with these 4" Rockford Fosgate Speakers, which sounded way better. I eventually did blow them out though, not sure if it was fault of the speakers, or fault of me cranking it up to high on 4" speakers...

As you can see I had to bend the taps up on the sides, which worked really well with these. I eventually replaced them with 4" Alpine speakers, but the Alpines had plastic tabs I had to cut off and didn't mount as easily. The Rockford Fosgate's metal tab defiantly made them easier to mount. I used butyl tape to help mount them really tightly in there and prevent vibration from loose mounting, also worked really well.

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