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Volvo S60 R Oil Catch Can Install

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

In order to deal with what seemed like more than normal oil in my intake, turbo, and inter-cooler I decided to install an oil catch can. I have recently replaced all the components of the PCV system and it is functioning correctly (passes the glove test).

Oil visible in intake:


-Oil Catch Can (you only want a 2-port one, this one is a 3 port because I wanted to blue color. If you do the 3-port one you may need this piece to block off the extra port)

-Hoses and Hose Clamps (1/2" ID Clear Hose I used)

To install it I just removed the PCV line where it connects to the intake hose (in front of turbo) and added lines to the oil catch can from the PCV line and then back from the catch can to the turbo intake line. By doing it this way I didn't have to remove/delete any of the stock PCV parts. I also placed it in a easy to get location in order to empty the catch can. I used clear hosing to keep an eye on oil flow in the lines, however a more oil resistant line would be preferred.

Another shot of its mounting location:

If you are debating this and looking for more info on installing an oil catch can there is a lot of good info on the SweedSpeed Forum under these two posts:

Deleting the PCV system - Oil Catch Can

Installing Oil Catch Can

Update (Spring-2019) My oil catch can is filling up with liquid (presumable water) at a higher than expected rate, which has cause me to have to empty it. My guess is that it is condensation in the line and is mixing slightly with oil in the catch can:

Either way the Volvo is running so much better without this going into the intake! However I may need to setup a drain system if this is a normal thing. I am still trying to figure out the cause of the liquid.

UPDATE (SEP-2019): After dealing with above liquid issue I added a drain with a one way valve (to prevent it from sucking un-metered air in). After about a year I opened it up to check out what was in there and all it had was an oily film and no more water. Seems like it is doing a pretty good job of keeping that stuff out of my turbo. Here is what it looked like:

Very happy with its performance and would highly recommend to anyone debating doing it!

UPDATE: (March 2021) Oil catch can is still performing well with no issues

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