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Treating Sun-Faded Paint on Jetskis (WaveBlaster 1)

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

After years of standsups (JS550, 800SXR) it was time to try a waveblaster. Loving it so far. Here is what I have done to it.

Sun-faded Paint:

Got it in decent shape, the turf was good, but the paint was really sun-faded. The previous owner suggested marine wax, but after advice from others, I took a shot with wet sand, rubbing compound, polish, and wax.

Stuff I used

I would be very careful with the wet sandpaper... actually I would skip it. It worked great, but I made too many errors on the odd surfaces and angles. I couldnt keep a consistant amount and it went to deep in some parts.

I would just the rubbing compound on the bad parts (multiple times) and then polish (multiple times) and then when you are happy with it I would wax it.

After all that was said and done the paint looked brand new! Was really happy with it. Did all the waxing/polishing/rubbing by hand also.

Looked a lot better after the wax

Some people like newer tech wax, which is nice, but I didn't notice much of a difference.

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