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SXR 800 Factory Wet Pipe Install

Trying to get more low end wave surfing power out of my 2007 Kawasaki SXR 800 Jetski. Plan was for this in addition to an ADA girdled head with 28cc domes (Install thread here). Factory pipes are expensive, but are the way to go for low end adjustable power.


-Factory Wet Pipe

-Mikuni 152.5 Large Round Jets


-Socket Set

-Screwdriver Set

First this to do is to remove the old exhaust. I had already done that as I did the ADA girdled head install at the same time.

Next clean up all old gasket from the exhaust manifold and bolt up the new manifold to the cylinder (22-25 ft/lbs).

Following the PDF instructions line up the B-Pipe with the 2" tube to the waterbox making sure that all cooling lines are hooked up prior to install. Ones all cooling lines are lined up and connects attached the headpipe to the b-pipe and tighten. Next tighten the three bolts to the manifold, BE VERY CAREFUL HERE. These bolts are known to strip the manifold so be sure that you have it threaded correctly when installing.

Next make sure to install the timing advance short (temperature sensor short).

Connector on the left is the shorted one required from factory pipe (timing advance) the one on the right is left open

Next remove the jet pump from the jetski. Remove ride plate, steering cable, cooling lines, and four bolts then pry the pump free of the silicon holding it onto the jetski. Now replace the cooling line fitting with the the bigger one that is included with the factory pipe and reinstall into jetski.

I would take this time to check pump clearance also while its out of the jetski.

Next you need to change the jets on the carburetor. Factory pipe calls for a Main jet to be 152.5 and pilot to be 80. My jetski came stock as 132.5 main and 72.5 pilot. My factory pipe kit only came with two 80 jets, so I had to order 152.5 main jets to make sure I was not running to lean. Once those arrived I installed the 4 jets and turned the fuel screw to the factory pipe settings (1/2 from closed high speed, 1.0 turn out from closed low speed).

Once done its time for a tune in run on the lake. The carbs seemed to require no tuning. I took the plugs out numerous times throughout the day and they seemed great each time. Its important to not just go out and rip it. Short rides for the whole first day constantly checking on the heat of the pipe, head, and the condition of the spark plugs. The factory pipe manual has good info on how to turn in their pipe.

My setting for the pipe were as follows:

Top - 1/2 out

Middle - Closed

Bottom - 1/2 out

Jetski Setup:

-Ada head (28cc domes)

-Stock air box (rubber trumpets removes)

-Stock waterbox

-Stock pump/impeller

-D-cut stock ride plate

-Worx intake grate

-Carb settings (152 main, 80 pilot, 1/2 from closed high speed, 1.0 turn out from closed low speed)

Others have stated that setting works great and after 3 days of riding with those settings it seems to be working out great and running awesome. Man does this ski rip now.

Factory Pipe Instruction PDF

For reference here is a rough sketch of my cooling line routing:

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