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S60R Exhaust/Muffler Upgrade

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

When I bought my 2004 Volvo S60R it was straight piped the whole way. No resonator, not muffler... Which was way to loud for me and reverberated within the cabin.

You can hear what it sounded like in this video I made.

I didn't want to change to much, just quit it a bit. After doing a lot of research and watching other people compare exhaust (IPD vs Borla vs everything else). I decided on a Borla XR-1 Muffler and no resonator.

I took it to a local cheap shop and they installed it where the stock muffler would go (I didn't have one). Being that it was a cheap muffler shop they did not have the best bends and there were a few tight corners I wasn't happy with, but it was cheap and worked considering how big the muffler was.

Once we fired it up both the muffler guys and I were shocked. They doubted that just installing a muffler, and not a resonator, would quite it down. But it really did. I love the sound of it now and don't see any need for a resonator. Ill be making a video of what it sounds like now soon.

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