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Volvo VIDA/DICE Program (2004 S60R)

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

So if you have done any sort of work with Volvos or any research I am sure you have heard of VIDA/DICE. VIDA is the volvo factory software that is used to access the cars computers and DICE is the OBDII to USB interface. It is a great program that allows you to access all of the factory functions and programming in your volvo. I have used to it to diagnose the 4C suspension system and re-calibrate it.

VIDA can be installed on older computer systems, or as many people do it can be used on a virtual computer on a newer laptop or desktop. There is a lot of the information out there and the program is downloadable. The hardest part is setting up a virtual computer to install and run it on. Once you do that the only hardware you need is the DICE USB/OBDII Interface which you can get on Amazon or Ebay. I believe I got mine from ebay and had no issues with it.

To download and install the virtual machine and VIDA you can follow the instructions posted by roxanaschram on Swedespeed Forum, who I cannot thank enough (VIDA POST HERE).

Once installed I did not have any issues running it on my Dell XPS15 with a virtual machine. It does take a while to download as they are very large files.

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