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Cheap Hitch Mount Motorcycle Carrier

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Motorcycle Hitch Carrier (500lbs Limit)

Just purchased this to bring along my 2006 BMW F650GS on trips when needed, or to rescue stranded motorcycle of mine (more likely haha).

It is a pretty cheap product at only $90ish from Amazon. So far it works well. Keep in mind though, it is cheap. Be very careful with assembly. I over-tightened one of the bolts and bent the metal. I imagine a more expensive one would be made of better metal, but they were not in my price range. Did 1.5 hour drive on the highway with it and no movement at all. Ill report back after I use it more, but so far so good. Only issue is the 500lbs limit. My BMW is under 400lbs so it works, but I wouldn't do much more than that. The van seemed to drive fine with it on the rear also.

It did not come with an anti-Rattle device, but due to the weight of my bike and the way I strapped it in I don't think I need one (I have one lying around and didn't use it).

Hard to see, but this bolt got over-tightened and pulled the metal inwards

Loaded up with the BMW. I had to pull out one of the silver bolts to allow the front tire to sink in more. Took me a while to find a strapping method and position I was comfortable with, but once I found it the bike was rock solid.

For the install you only need a 19mm and 17mm, preferable deep socket and wrench. I used a impact gun to make it quicker (don't tighten all the way with the impact though!!! haha).


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