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Sony A6000 DSLR Camera Review (Sigma 30mm F1.4)


Sony A6000 DSLR Camera

Sigma 30mm F1.4 Lens

Sony 55-210mm Lens

Keep in mind this pictures was not taken with the Sony A6000

For all the pictures of my van build, project, and trips I use a Sony A6000 DSLR. It took me a while to decide which camera to go with, weighing mirrorless vs conventional DLSRs. I decided to go with the Sony A6000 mainly for the size and its ability to shoot action photos at a very high rate (11 FPS). It boasted the same MP as most others and seemed comparable in every other way. The only downside that most people point out is the battery life and not having an "actual" viewfinder, both I found to be not of concern. I found the battery life to be fine and interchangeable batteries readily available and the digital viewfinder performed very well in my opinion.

The camera also features multiple different shooting modes for people who dont know how to set manual modes that well, like me. The sport shooting mode features a continual auto-focus that works amazing when shooting a moving object and shooting at 11 FPS guarantees that you get a good shot.

example of the continual auto-focus in sport shooting mode

another example of sport shooting mode

I also found that this camera does exceptionally well in low light scenarios, with or without a tripod. Granted they are much easier with a tripod, but it is possible without. The camera features a built in flash, which although I don't use a flash much, its nice to have and not have to lug around an external one.

Low light shooting example

Another concern was that Sony does not offer as many accessories/lens as Canon or Nikon, but I didn't find that to be true either. I purchase a Sigma 30mm F1.4 Lens for the camera that cam with the Sony E-Mount for my camera and I absolutely love that lens. Its a bit more expensive, but totally worth it. I find myself shooting more with that lens and just cropping in post over using my zoom lens. At the time I think the Sigma lens was cheaper for Sony than for Canon or Nikon. Only downside of this lens is that it is very large for a fixed lens. So if you bought this camera to keep it small this lens does ruin that.

Other accessories I bought was a glass screen protector, silicon rubber case, extra batteries and charger, 64 GB SD card, tether, neck strap, hot shoe cover, cheap remote, and a Pelican 1200 case. All of which I would recommend. The pelican case allowed me to bring the camera along on kayak trips and the silicon and glass protector lets me put the camera in a backpack without a much concern.

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