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Sena SMH10R Motorcycle Helmet Intercom

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Sena SMH10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset and Intercom

First impression is that its not junk. There are a lot of really cheap Bluetooth intercoms out there and this is not one of them. Granted it is a bit more expensive, but in both sound quality and functionality it pays off. I got the slim model and I am really glad I did. It doesn't look like some crazy contraption on your helmet and does not seem to sacrifice function.

Sound quality is ok... not amazing and not much bass, but it is still best in category. Just not going to anything amazing based on the size and fitment.

Microphone and wind noise cancellation are amazing. I was going 45-50 MPH talking to on the phone and the person on the other side couldn't even tell I was on a motorcycle and I was wearing a dirt bike open face helmet.

Installation was really easy and no tools required. Ill upload some more pictures of the install soon, but really easy. Only concern is there is no easy way to transfer this headset to a different helmet. I even bought the supplies kit and new speakers, but it seems to be lacking a battery pack holder... somewhat oddly. So if you plan to use on multiple helmets maybe look at other SENA options. That being said all the parts are easily removed as they are all Velcro-ed on, but don't let that scare you, its the strongest Velcro I have ever seen.

As I only have one I have not been able to test the intercom feature or VOX feature.

The best part is the ease of use. The power on/off is really fast and connects quick.

Ill report back more with better photos and information on the long term test.

UPDATE (3 Months in): I have been using the headset for about 3 months on everything from long rides to commuting to work and so far so good. The power on/off time is really fast, the connection is quick and the battery life seems good also. I even installed it in a second helmet using the SMH10R Supplies Kit (only needed this for the Velcro attachment for the Control unit) and a second SMH10R Large Speaker Kit. You really could have put the headset in a second helmet without either of those two kits, but you ease of use I wanted it to be a quick switch so I bought the two kits. Worked much better in a closed helmet as there is less wind noise. I had no issue talking to someone on the phone at 50 mph and the person was shocked at how good I sounded.

So 3 months in this is still a great headset. Probably getting a second one for my passenger as an intercom and Ill report back once that is used.

Update (6 months in): I purchased a second SMH10R headset for my passenger and it works great. The pairing is a bit complicated and need the manual to understand the configuration menu, but once setup its great! If you are both listing to separate bluetooth music from a phone it will pause if either presses the intercom and resumes when either (even if different from the initiator of the intercom) ends the conversation. This headset also has the option to share your music, for example if headset one has a bluetooth phone and headset 2 does not, headset 2 can listen to headset 1's music. Which is pretty cool and I couldn't find many others that offered that.

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