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USB Outlet on Motorcycle Handlebars

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

So since I have the Ram X-Mount cell phone holder on my 2006 BMW F650GS and I am running a Sena SMH10R headset in my helmet (which is really awesome, review to come). My phone seems to die quickly. So I knew I needed a USB outlet and I didn't want to use the factory adapter because I wanted it closer to the Ram Mount.

I chose this USB adapter because it advertised a 3.1amp output and I liked the way it mounted to the bike (big fan of zip-ties). I also like this one because you can remove the adapter to plug in a maintainer.

Here is my routing and location of the mount (best to do while I had everything removed):

Only concern with this routing is that it will always be on, even when the bike is off. Just something to be aware of. I am not concerned because I am not leaving my cell phone on my bike when I am not riding it, but it would not be to hard to add a relay and make it only powered if the bike was running.

UPDATE: The first USB outlet I installed was charging slowly so I contacted the company and the sent me a new one. Ill report back if that fixed the issue.

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