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BMW F650GS Valve Clearance Check

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Old, but great video on this process: https://youtu.be/x-TC-5IIpAE from F650.Com

Since mine is fuel injected the clearance should be 0.03-0.11mm (intake) and 0.25-0.33mm (exhaust).

Tools Needed:

10mm wrench and socket, T25, T40, 8mm allen key, feeler gauge, flatheads, Dielectric grease, extensions and socket wrenches.

Once you remove all the front fairings, oil tank, air box, battery tray, and plastic molding you get to this point:

While I was in there I was going to do the spark plugs too, so I removed them first to make getting to the valve cover easier

I left the old plugs in for now to keep debris from falling into the cylinder

Valve cover was removed very easily. Just removed the throttle cable and was able to work it out without removing the bracket for the throttle cable.

Used the 8mm allen socket to put the engine to TDC (top dead center) and measured all 4 valves and they looked to be within spec.

Intake was between .075-.102mm and exhaust were between .279-.330mm

With everything looking good I bolted it back up and put it all back together. Swapped out the plugs with Iridium plugs (although I have been told they are not really necessary for the 2 spark engines). I added dielectric grease to the spark plug boots also.

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